Putting a property up for sale is always an important decision.

Whatever the reasons for this choice, the financial and emotional stakes are important and must be taken into account. Louis Schmidt’s professionalism and state of mind will help you succeed in this challenge.

To make a sale under the best conditions, it is essential to have the necessary hindsight to consider the property as it is, to set the best price and to envisage the different scenarios that will arise at the conclusion of the sale.

The importance of proposing an offer that is perfectly tied up from the outset is essential, not to say decisive for the outcome of your approach.

This is why Louis Schmidt takes the time and attention necessary to analyse and estimate your property, discusses with you the context in which the sale should take place and carefully prepares the presentation and enhancement of your property.

Once you are ready to act, your broker’s experience, energy and availability will be the keys to your success.

Louis Schmidt, real estate broker will provide you with professional advice and skills that will enable you to complete your sale under the best conditions.

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