Sale on plan

Your “building” partner who will know how to enhance the value of your project.

Contemporary architecture – energy performance – modern materials – new technologies

Buying a new property is a dream come true, but the process is not always easy. For most people, the reading of plans remains approximate. Making the link between the developer-builder, his creativity, his constraints, his solutions and the future buyer-owner, requires a thorough knowledge of the building, the process of realization and the administrative and financial steps linked to it.

Louis Schmidt is a builder-broker. His experience enables him to master the project entrusted to him for sale, to understand the possibilities and options offered to buyers and to make the link in order to achieve the objective of the builder and the buyer :

To go in harmony from the dream on the plan to the handing over of the keys of his new home.

Knowing how to anticipate the road ahead and guarantee to reach your goal with satisfaction.

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