Your partner for a successful real estate sale

With the benefit of a rich professional experience, Louis Schmidt has been dedicated to the development and sale of real estate for almost 15 years. He will accompany you safely through your project.

Committed above all to the satisfaction of his clients and to the mission he is committed to carrying out for them, he will give you the benefit of his long experience in the field, the best of the recognized schools in real estate brokerage.

Very often mandated on advice or by word of mouth, proof of the trust placed in him by his long-standing partners and clients, past or present, he offers a perfect knowledge of the French-speaking Swiss market, from the interior of the country to the Lake Geneva area.

With more than 200 realisations to his credit in French-speaking Switzerland, Louis Schmidt will make the most of your property, will anticipate without any problem the solutions necessary to reach your objective and will help you to manage the risks and pitfalls that are too often encountered on the way to a real estate sale.

Louis Schmidt surrounds itself with recognised specialists to guarantee the complete handling of your mandate.

  • An optimised and precise estimate of the sale price taking into account technical expertise as well as the appreciation of the market in which the property is to be sold.
  • An analysis of the client’s situation, priorities and expectations.
  • An optimal valuation of the property through a first-rate presentation, dynamic marketing and visibility on the most visited sites and networks.
  • A sales force combining experience and positive energy.
  • A quality of negotiation allowing to reach the best conditions.
  • A final accompaniment facilitating the obtaining of financing for the buyer, the preparation of the notarial deed for the notary and the conclusion of the sale for the principal.

With Louis Schmidt courtier immobilier, everything is done to meet the needs of a demanding clientele that appreciates commitment, availability and professionalism.

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