Our real estate for sale

Buying real estate is often the project of a lifetime. Defining the object that corresponds to your desires, your needs and your situation will be the first step in your journey.

First purchase, make the step of the acquisition. With you, we will find your future home by optimizing the following steps:
Analysis and advice for your acquisition project
Evaluation of your financial possibilities and definition of your budget
Selection of corresponding properties and organization of site visits
Quick and efficient search for financing

Investing in real estate remains a safe and attractive investment.
To do so, guaranteeing a return on investment or a correct rental return requires the eyes of informed professionals. Our experience will accompany you in the selection of objects according to your criteria. The financing specialists who accompany us will obtain for you the solutions and conditions necessary for your investments.
Adapt your home to your new situation.

The family is growing and the apartment should be transformed into a family home?
The children have left the nest and a comfortable apartment would be an advantageous replacement for your villa?
A professional move, a family change, a new start, all the stages of life that motivate you to find a more suitable, better located property?
You are already an owner and your new project requires you to sell your current property.
This situation has become widespread in recent years and complicates the decision-making and transition process. Your broker’s comprehensive advice and support will enable you to carry out this operation in the best possible way.

Louis Schmidt, real estate broker, will provide you with professional advice and skills that will enable you to realize and build your future property in the best conditions.

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